Our Party

The WCRC is an affiliate of the Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA).  Jonelle Fulmer currently serves as State Committee Chairwoman.  The Republican Party has a long history in Northwest Arkansas, where Republicans fought against the disenfranchisement of African Americans and supported Union causes during the Civil War.

The Republican Party has been gaining in strength and popularity throughout Arkansas since the early 1990's with increased momentum since the 2008 Presidential Election.  Culminating with a sweep of statewide offices in 2014, Republican Leadership has pushed Arkansas into a powerful leader in the South.  For the first time in state history, Republicans were in charge of all three branches of state government, and Arkansas has never been as strong and exciting as it is today!

Under Republican leadership, Arkansas is one of the first states with computer coding in every high school and is now #1 in the nation in computer science education.  Over 70,000 new jobs and counting have come to Arkansas, and our wage growth ranks 16th in the nation!   We have record low unemployment, cut taxes to help middle class Arkansans become more prosperous, reformed state ethics laws and are finally making progress in the quality of our public schools.  

The WCRC is committed to continuing to build on the progress we have made.  It is essential for the growth, freedom and prosperity of all of Northwest Arkansas for us to keep our momentum and ensure Republican legislators are elected to the state and federal level.   Our county has been ranked #1 in transparency by an independent study for the first time ever under Republican leadership, and we will fight to keep the good news and undeniable results coming!