Washington County Republicans are dedicated to providing unified leadership for the growth of the Republican Party in Northwestern Arkansas and to advance common-sense conservative principles in the county.  If you'd like information on joining our committee, please click here to complete our Guest and Membership Interest Form.

Our goal is to be on of the largest and most highly productive county committees in the state in order to ensure a strong competitive two-party system in Arkansas by:

  • Recruiting qualified Republican candidates to run for elected office
  • Raising funds to support the party's activities
  • Recruiting qualified election judges and clerks
  • Ensuring ballot integrity at polling places
  • Coordinating precinct activities with those of the county committee and other campaign organizations
  • Spreading the word about conservative Republican principles

How to Join

There are 2 ways to join the WCRC.  Filing for the General Election of Members, and Nomination by a Member.


  1. Membership is open to all qualified electors within Washington County
  2. Members must be elected through Republican Primary Elections held in even numbered years or through nomination and election at regularly scheduled committee meetings

PRIMARY ELECTION: During the regular General Election filing period for the county, register to run for election as a WCRC County Committeeman/Committewoman.  Registration is typically held at the COunty Courthouse during the official filing period.  During the Biennial County Convention, qualified candidates from the primary election are voted on for membership.

NOMINATION: Nominations to fill vacancies in the County Committee may be made at any regular meeting and shall be voted on at the next regular County Committee meeting at which the nominee is present, unless the Committee takes action to defer to a later meeting due to incomplete membership information or forms.  Nominees must be presented in person to the members of the County Committee at the time of nomination and shall pay a fee equal to the filing fee. The filing fee may be prorated if a member is nominated twelve or more months following the date of the last biennial county convention.  Nominees for membership on the County Committee must affirm their concurrence with the Party Objectives and Principles as stated in the “Preamble” to Republican Party of Arkansas Rules. 


Party Organization

The organization of the Republican Party in Washington County consists of:

  • The Washington County Republican Committee and its Executive Committee
  • Congressional District organizations
  • All clubs affiliated with the Washington County Republican Women
  • All clubs in Washington County affiliated with the Arkansas Federation of Young Republicans
  • All clubs in Washington County affiliated with the Arkansas Federation of College Republicans
  • Other auxiliary organizations formed to assist the growth of the Republican Party