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A History of Justice

Vote HereThe Republican Party has a long history of fighting to protect and expand voting rights throughout America.  The Republican Party is responsible for passage of the Equal Suffrage Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote in 1919.  The 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed out of committee thanks to Republican Minority Leader Everett Dirksen who fought to end the Democrat filibuster led by Strom Thurmond and Richard Russell.  Democrats fought to prohibit the bill from being brought up for a vote.  More than 80% of Republicans voted to pass the 1964 Voting Right Act, while only about 65% of Democrats ultimately voted for the bill.   

In  1965, Republicans passed the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits racial discrimination in voting.  It also prohibits  discrimination against language minorities, and other tactics used by Southern Democrats to disenfranchise racial minorities.  16 of the 17 Senators who voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act were Democrats.

The Washington County Republican Committee is committed to protecting the rights of our citizens, ensuring every American's voting rights are protected and encouraging all eligible citizens to vote in every election.  In the spirit of encouraging all eligible citizens to vote, we are providing easy access to the Arkansas Voter Registration forms in both English and Spanish.

Register to Vote

Click here to access the English Language Version of the Voter Registration Form.

Click here to access the Spanish Language Version of the Voter Registration Form.

OR call the County Clerk for Washington County at (479)-444-1711 or the Arkansas Secretary of State Elections Division at (800)-482-1127 to request an application.

Requirements to Vote In Arkansas

To vote in Arkansas, you must:

  1. Be an Arkansas Citizen (resident) for at least 30 days prior to the election in which you are voting
  2. Be A U.S Citizen
  3. Be 18 years old or older
  4. Register to vote in Arkansas at least 30 days prior to the election
  5. Not be a convicted felon whose sentence has not been discharged or pardoned
  6. Not be adjudged to be mentally incompetent as to your ability to vote by a court of competent jurisdiction
  7. Show Photo ID at the time and place your ballot is cast

Am I Already Registered to Vote?

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