2020 Political Races - Candidate List

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The candidates for the 2020 State and County elections are provided below.

*Denotes Incumbent

%Candidate whose name is printed on the ballot has withdrawn and replaced

Arkansas House Races

Republican Democrat
80 Charlene Fite Lou Reed Sharp
85 Brian Lester David Whitaker*
86 John Latour Nicole Clowney*
87 Robin Lundtrum* Michael Bennet-Spears
88 Clint Penzo* Hawley Woods
89 Jed Duggar Megan Godfrey*
97 Harlan Breaux* Suzie Bell


Washington County Justice of the Peace

Republican Democrat Libertarian
1 Lance Johnson* Mac Mayfield
2 Shannon Marti Fadii Bayari
3 Sean Simons Laurie Marshall
4 Bill Ussery Kenny Arredondo Loyala
5 Patrick Deakins* Randall Lane
6 Lisa Ecke* Beth Coger
7 Sam Duncan* Janella Bradford Smiley
8 Shawndra Washington*
9 Jim Stoclland Eva Madison
10 Robert Dennis Andrea Jenkins*
11 Suki Lin Highers*
12 Todd Crane Candy Clark%
13 Willie Leming* Brandy Weaver Casey Copeland
14 Jim Wilson Kenley Hayley-Casey
15 Butch Pond* Nan House


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