What Happened in Venezuela? Can It Happen Here?

Steps taken by Hugo Chavez to turn Venezuela socialist are being repeated in the United States, a Venezuelan immigrant told the Washington County Republican Women at their February meeting at the Springdale Country Club.

Now a U.S. citizen, she recently visited her native country. Given the socialist breakdown, making the trip took two days as opposed to the 3-hour direct flight from Miami in pre-Chavez days.

She told of long supermarket lines, people walking to work for lack of public transit, no schools, and nothing for the poorest people.

Health care cratered with the importation of Cuban doctors less educated than Venezuelan physicians who could not compete due to lower fees charged by the Cubans.

People opposed to the government lose their jobs, she said, and there are large factories that are idle, throwing people out of work.

She demonstrated that with no natural gas, some cooking is done with firewood in a cut-open 50-gallon drum. Access to water for one of her relatives is by way of a delivery every two weeks.

She outlined seven strategies for the socialist takeover in Venezuela, strategies she said are advancing in the U.S.: dividing the people; canceling businesses; taking control of the healthcare system, destroying values along with undercutting respect for police, democracy and religion; controlling the education system; gutting the country’s economy, and promoting ingratitude along with deletion of the nation’s history.

Like so many naturalized citizens, she is passionate about her love for America and gave to meeting attendees booklet-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution.

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