Importance of the March 3 Election

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March 3rd is the spring preferential primary. Early voting starts February 18th. Please make it a point to vote in the primary to show your strong support for President Donald Trump. He may not have significant opposition on our primary ballot, but we want the public to see that his support is as strong as ever! He has endured spurious attacks for putting America first. The other side seems only to field candidates who are socialists and or want to give everything away. Most rational people realize we have to earn what we have, not get it free from the government.

Also at the primary election, we will be voting for judges, one of which will be an Arkansas Supreme Court Justice. As the Washington County Republican Committee Chairman, I wholeheartedly recommend conservative Barbara Webb to you for that Supreme Court position.

In addition to the above two important reasons to vote in the primary, please do your research to identify the most conservative judicial candidate for the other three local judicial races. Your ballot may have other local races of import.

Jim Wilson
Washington County Republican Committee Chairman

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  • Todd Crane on

    Committee rules prohibit the committee from endorsing any candidate in a contested primary election.

  • Debby Underwood on

    What candidates is the WCRC endorsing in the primary election?

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