Ila Campbell Tells Republican Women of Leftist Activity in Fayetteville Public Schools

Ila Campbell spoke on critical race theory and other Marxist ideas in the Fayetteville school district at the September 28 meeting of the Washington County Republican Women. She won a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the district allowing her to review documents showing the district using the schools to promote so-called social justice, transgenderism, the historian-debunked 1619 Project on American racism, and Islam (while prohibiting Christmas decorations). Similar concepts are coming to other school districts in Northwest Arkansas, she warned. Looking on are (l to r) Nikki Beaver, club secretary; Alicia Deavens, first vice-president, and June Wood, president.

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  • shirley hoke on

    when is your next meeting and where

  • Gwen Faulkenberry on

    I am a teacher and mother of four public school children who is trying to sort through all of this. I would like to talk to Ila Campbell if she is willing. Can you give me her contact information, or give her mine so I can see if she is willing to talk to me?
    Thank you,
    Gwen Faulkenberry

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